Horror fantasy One More Day is coming -- and you can look for the first installment on MAY 6TH, 2016!

Published in weekly installments every Friday morning, the entire, unedited story of Marlee Jordan, her family and the terrible secret that binds them will be available right here for free.

If you like what you read, feel free to either donate using the button to the right or buy the e-book on Amazon Kindle here.  It's only $4.99, and you can read the whole thing RIGHT NOW, rather than having to wait for the weekly installments.

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I'm very excited to announce the release of my debut horror novel, One More Day, right here on Blogger!

What does this mean, you ask?  Well, I'll tell you a few things right off the bat: once the release date hits (to be announced), a new section will be released every Friday.  You'll be able to read the entire novel, front to back, absolutely for free right here on my official writing blog.

Once you've read the book and enjoyed it, you can donate whatever you feel is fair OR buy the e-book for your Amazon Kindle.  No matter what you do, just by reading and spreading the word about One More Day, you are helping to support my work and I much appreciate it!

Much more information coming soon -- the actual release date, for one, and also bonus content to help you get excited!

She would've been named Shawnee LaTasha Pritchard, if only she had been born alive . . .
Ever since Marlee Jordan lost her baby during childbirth, she hasn't been the same. It isn't fair -- and it's impossible for her to move on knowing what could have been, what should have been. 
When Marlee inherits an ancient genealogy book crafted before the Civil War, she thinks nothing of it. But as soon as she starts looking through its pages, strange things start to happen. She begins hearing noises, seeing things that cannot be. Her dreams fill with the dead relatives written about in the book's pages. 
Desperate to be reunited with her daughter, Marlee writes in Shawnee. At first, she thinks nothing has happened -- that is, until she begins to feel the familiar gentle kicking inside of her.
Word about what the book can do travels fast. Marlee comes face to face with Stacey Combs, a broken woman mourning the loss of her twelve year old son. Though Marlee at first pities her, quickly she learns that there is a darker side to Stacey.
A darker side that carries a secret that could threaten Marlee's family and take away Shawnee once more -- this time, forever.

Look for an announcement regarding One More Day's official release date over the course of the next few days!

On the set of "Dralien"
I have an abundance of good news to report here as 2015 begins to draw to a close!

First of all, I've been writing screenplays left and right -- two short films with actor / producer Anthony Miller (drama "Only the Night Will Know" and comedy "The New Pope") and the feature length The Calling in addition to a TV series adaptation of "Dralien" with LMC Productions.

Speaking of "Dralien", the long awaited post-production process is nearly complete.  I'm assured that within the next few weeks we should be seeing the final cut, and I couldn't be more excited.

Did you get a chance to check out "Dennis Mayhew's Magic Mirror" yet?  If not, you can watch the entire short film right here.

Add on to all of that awesomeness the fact that Forest City Short Film Review just continues to grow and grow.  Recently, I randomly googled "short film reviews" and lo and behold, Forest City Short Film Review appears on page one of the search results!

Speaking of FCSFR, if you haven't had the chance, check out my latest interview with actress and all around DIY indie filmmaker Valentina Isis, and reviews of Matthew P. Rojas' boxing drama "The Amputation" and Jonathan Carlander's Asperger's-themed "The Pleasing List".  There's tons more good stuff to check out while you're there, so once you're done checking those out feel free to explore!

On this blog, I've added a "Films" page and a "Free Fiction" page.  On the latter, you can check out "But It Feels Like Forever", a short story included in my Death's Perfume short story anthology.

Here's what people are saying about Death's Perfume:

"Very dark and disturbing . . . [he has] a unique and entertaining voice."

"I like stories I can imagine being shown by the 'CryptKeeper' . . . nasty, but nice."

More free fiction and updates on my first poetry collection as well as new film projects coming very, very soon!

Great news -- what you see to the left of this text is the official poster for the Gutzee Geko Films fantasy short, "Dralien"!  I wrote the script based on a story by Linda Curry, who also served as producer and director, and judging from the production stills and the few video clips I've seen, it looks fantastic.  A trailer should be coming very soon, so check back because as soon as it goes live, it's going to appear right here.

In other news, "Dennis Mayhew's Magic Mirror", a fantastical comedy, saw release earlier this year.  You can check out the full short film by clicking on this link.

I've also worked on a pair of scripts for actor Anthony Miller and a feature film for Gutzee Geko Films -- more detail will come about all three when I receive permission to discuss them publicly.  

In addition, I have a producer getting ready to start pre-production on an original horror short script I wrote called "House Hunting".  "Her Choice", a dramatic short, is going to be looked at as well.

So it all sounds pretty good so far, right?  Well, that's not it.  April 2015 was the biggest month for Forest City Short Film Review of all time, with over 3,000 views in only a thirty day span.  More and more films are coming in to be reviewed and more people are following my blogs by the day.  I'm so happy to see my reviews resonating with people all over the world.

There is so much more to talk about, and I will do just that very soon, but until then -- have a wonderful weekend!


I awoke today with leaden feet
from the chrysalis of my blankets,
jettisoned by the auditory hallucination
of time.

The earliest onset aging pains
tingle cartilage and muscle
as my spine curves under the weight
of living.

Day by day, IT comes . . .
a little closer, a little nearer,
hands prying my heart open, retrieving
those I love.

IT is a venomous void, invisible,
indelible, sucking life and joy
and purpose into cold, dead things,
and things then into nothingness.

So, living: the search for meaning.
Time, the measure of a struggle
impossible to win, a slow sublimation
of the individual 
to another eve of change, 
another time to do it right.

Another life to live.

-- Nicholas La Salla

"Sculpture of Holy Virgin" Courtesy of Dimitri

To read more of my poetry, check out the new "Poetry" page on this blog!


Sense or senseless,
thoughtful or thoughtless,
you embody a closed circuit
of imagined borders strong
as steel, impenetrable by the
warmth of logic and unified reason.

More to the point:
to introduce the briefest
flicker of rationality
brings all to a halt and
us from debate to a battle
joined over perspectives and expression.

Threatened as you are
by difference, you mock
and ostracize while regressing
into a child's temper tantrum,
rather than recognize the failures
in your beliefs and your own inability
to grow, change, and transcend
below the glowing light of 

-- Nicholas La Salla

"Mirror Dream" Courtesy of Vassiliki


In my life there came a storm
and I embraced its thund'rous light;
the choice I made so long ago,
the path I stayed through black and bright.

The only guide I have ever had:
the sight gained from passing years.
It magnifies our faults and failures,
the chastised past of now dried tears.

For in life there comes a storm,
and we each must see it through --
a choice we make on high or low,
a path we laid in brazen youth.

To wit:

Hindsight creates history through
whose lens we see life
as False or True.

-- Nicholas La Salla

"Another Perspective" Courtesy of Watford

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