On the set of "Dralien"
I have an abundance of good news to report here as 2015 begins to draw to a close!

First of all, I've been writing screenplays left and right -- two short films with actor / producer Anthony Miller (drama "Only the Night Will Know" and comedy "The New Pope") and the feature length The Calling in addition to a TV series adaptation of "Dralien" with LMC Productions.

Speaking of "Dralien", the long awaited post-production process is nearly complete.  I'm assured that within the next few weeks we should be seeing the final cut, and I couldn't be more excited.

Did you get a chance to check out "Dennis Mayhew's Magic Mirror" yet?  If not, you can watch the entire short film right here.

Add on to all of that awesomeness the fact that Forest City Short Film Review just continues to grow and grow.  Recently, I randomly googled "short film reviews" and lo and behold, Forest City Short Film Review appears on page one of the search results!

Speaking of FCSFR, if you haven't had the chance, check out my latest interview with actress and all around DIY indie filmmaker Valentina Isis, and reviews of Matthew P. Rojas' boxing drama "The Amputation" and Jonathan Carlander's Asperger's-themed "The Pleasing List".  There's tons more good stuff to check out while you're there, so once you're done checking those out feel free to explore!

On this blog, I've added a "Films" page and a "Free Fiction" page.  On the latter, you can check out "But It Feels Like Forever", a short story included in my Death's Perfume short story anthology.

Here's what people are saying about Death's Perfume:

"Very dark and disturbing . . . [he has] a unique and entertaining voice."

"I like stories I can imagine being shown by the 'CryptKeeper' . . . nasty, but nice."

More free fiction and updates on my first poetry collection as well as new film projects coming very, very soon!

Great news -- what you see to the left of this text is the official poster for the Gutzee Geko Films fantasy short, "Dralien"!  I wrote the script based on a story by Linda Curry, who also served as producer and director, and judging from the production stills and the few video clips I've seen, it looks fantastic.  A trailer should be coming very soon, so check back because as soon as it goes live, it's going to appear right here.

In other news, "Dennis Mayhew's Magic Mirror", a fantastical comedy, saw release earlier this year.  You can check out the full short film by clicking on this link.

I've also worked on a pair of scripts for actor Anthony Miller and a feature film for Gutzee Geko Films -- more detail will come about all three when I receive permission to discuss them publicly.  

In addition, I have a producer getting ready to start pre-production on an original horror short script I wrote called "House Hunting".  "Her Choice", a dramatic short, is going to be looked at as well.

So it all sounds pretty good so far, right?  Well, that's not it.  April 2015 was the biggest month for Forest City Short Film Review of all time, with over 3,000 views in only a thirty day span.  More and more films are coming in to be reviewed and more people are following my blogs by the day.  I'm so happy to see my reviews resonating with people all over the world.

There is so much more to talk about, and I will do just that very soon, but until then -- have a wonderful weekend!


I awoke today with leaden feet
from the chrysalis of my blankets,
jettisoned by the auditory hallucination
of time.

The earliest onset aging pains
tingle cartilage and muscle
as my spine curves under the weight
of living.

Day by day, IT comes . . .
a little closer, a little nearer,
hands prying my heart open, retrieving
those I love.

IT is a venomous void, invisible,
indelible, sucking life and joy
and purpose into cold, dead things,
and things then into nothingness.

So, living: the search for meaning.
Time, the measure of a struggle
impossible to win, a slow sublimation
of the individual 
to another eve of change, 
another time to do it right.

Another life to live.

-- Nicholas La Salla

"Sculpture of Holy Virgin" Courtesy of Dimitri

To read more of my poetry, check out the new "Poetry" page on this blog!


Sense or senseless,
thoughtful or thoughtless,
you embody a closed circuit
of imagined borders strong
as steel, impenetrable by the
warmth of logic and unified reason.

More to the point:
to introduce the briefest
flicker of rationality
brings all to a halt and
us from debate to a battle
joined over perspectives and expression.

Threatened as you are
by difference, you mock
and ostracize while regressing
into a child's temper tantrum,
rather than recognize the failures
in your beliefs and your own inability
to grow, change, and transcend
below the glowing light of 

-- Nicholas La Salla

"Mirror Dream" Courtesy of Vassiliki


In my life there came a storm
and I embraced its thund'rous light;
the choice I made so long ago,
the path I stayed through black and bright.

The only guide I have ever had:
the sight gained from passing years.
It magnifies our faults and failures,
the chastised past of now dried tears.

For in life there comes a storm,
and we each must see it through --
a choice we make on high or low,
a path we laid in brazen youth.

To wit:

Hindsight creates history through
whose lens we see life
as False or True.

-- Nicholas La Salla

"Another Perspective" Courtesy of Watford

With each day that goes by, I get a little more excited because the two Gutzee Geko Films scripts that I wrote are that much closer to completion.  We have "Dralien", an epic fantasy, and "Dennis Mayhew's Magic Mirror", a comedy with magical elements.  They were both so much fun to work on, and I've seen so much tender love and care go into the making of both films.

New updates abound -- I've heard that both films are essentially completed and that both will see an early 2015 release.  On top of that, I'm working hard on a full length feature with Gutzee Geko Films that I'm loving so far.  It's a Christian fantasy story.  I can't give away any details or even the title at this time but soon enough you will hear a whole lot more about it.  I'm crossing my fingers for a theatrical release for this one.  More on that another time.

I've posted fifteen of my original poems on this blog and the response has been fantastic.  They have been strong enough to draw visitors here, and that's about as much as anyone can ask for.  One day, I'd like to collect all of my poetry (thus far, anyway) into a physical book.  Depends how much free time I have, and lately, I have been busy, busy, busy.

I'm also hard at work on a new short story that I hope will blow your socks off and find a home in print.  I've got 95% of the first draft completed, but any more work will have to wait until after the New Year.  Forest City Short Film Review and it's feature length counterpart have been put on the backburner temporarily, but I've got several new reviews coming, so keep an eye out for that as well.

Now, without further ado, I want to give some credit where credit is due.  Here are the official credits to "Dralien" and "Dennis Mayhew's Magic Mirror".  Thank you to all whose names are below, and for all who read this now -- without you, none of this would be possible.



Jane Elizabeth Barry as Claudia / Corelai
Louise Boothby as Mama Barton
Cameron Caulfield as Young John Barton
Kaushik Das as Dralien
Daniel James as Undead Army
Toni McGhee as Peasant / Prisoner
Scott Mead as Undead Army
Anthony Miller as Older John Barton
Raymond Skipper as Undead Army
Jason Voncina as Undead Army
Paris Young as Peasant

 Directed by
Linda Marie Curry

Written by
(in alphabetical order)
Linda Marie Curry
Nicholas La Salla

Produced by

Charles Atkins
Dion Cross
Linda Marie Curry
Larry Fleming
Sharon Ford
Michael Maguire
Franco Missaglia
Leon Russell
Lee A. Stripp

Music by
Darren Lim

Cinematography by
Mark Broadbent

Makeup Artist
Josleen Hawas

Second Unit Director
Anthony Miller

Art Department

Jeremy Komarnicki
Todd Mitchell
Simm Tillerman

Sound Department

Alicia Eames
Robert Johnson


Jason King
Scott Mead

Camera and Electric Department

Julian Lawrence
Jono Voyce

Additional Assistant
Leon Chrsostomou

Behind the Scenes Videographer and Editor
Tina Crowe

Production Assistant
Sarah Dinsey



Joe Feeney as Dennis Mayhew
Wendy Spencer as Brenda Mayhew
Lai Peng Chan as Ba
Ricardo Pritchard as Chris Mayhew
Daniel James as Lou
Anthony Miller as Trey
Raymond Skipper as Trey (Rockstar)
Ken Hall as Radio DJ

Producer / Director
Linda M. Curry

Assistant Director
Anthony Miller

Nicholas La Salla

Mark Broadbent

Camera Assistants / Lighting

Alex Antonucci
Dion Gasser

Editing / Visual Effects
Lee A. Stripp

Assistant Editor
Lai Peng Chan

Darren Lim

Sound Recordist / Design
Henry Ruan

Boom Operator
Zac Van Manen

Makeup Artists

Desiree Vogelsang
Illora Vas

Prop Design / Transport
Anthony Miller

Location Scouts

Linda M. Curry
Anthony Miller

Special Thanks

Hugh Brofey - Gold Coast Little Theatre
Jessica Spencer


Two men began on parallel paths
pursuing their purpose in life;
one pushed hard forward, while the
other doubled back on areas he'd
already covered, quickly falling behind.

Concerned, that first fellow called out
to the other in a brotherly
show of support: "Traveler, get
behind me on THIS path --
you'll get a lot farther this way!"

His offer was refused, and he let
the wayward traveler become
a mere speck on the horizon
as the man continued to wander in
ellipticals, circles, random directions.

The further he went, the more
determined he became to reach the end --
to see finally for his own eyes what
lay at the end of this interminable path
and therefore what was his destiny.

The longer he pushed, the more time wore on
and his hair streaked with gray, then white,
his muscles turned cold and hard to work.
His heart throbbed in the cage of his chest
and alone, he had no choice but to carry on.

But the path continued, even when he could not,
and he collapsed, unable to breathe, heart
rattling, the end coming near.  And how unfair --
he wasn't yet done, not by a long shot.
The path went on for miles yet!

Death swooped down, a vision of white hot
light, the stooped posture of a great
primate with mighty plaited wings.  He or
she or it gathered his failing form
and ascended, and the earth shrank away below.

He was so mightily angry -- what was the
purpose of this?  A journey which never
went anywhere?  And especially now, so
high in the sky, he saw his path -- THE path,
not his -- and he saw his tiny footprints.

The path still extended for hundreds of
miles -- no, THOUSANDS -- before his step
appeared and long after the finish of his
brief journey.  The higher they went,
the more endless the path appeared.

He saw other paths, too, some straight
as his or nearly so, lives lived in
pursuit of a destination, something to
make the weight of living a little
more bearable.

There were millions of others though,
including the one beside his, made by
that traveler he'd left behind so
long ago, whose step was strange and madcap,
footprints mashed into earth in exotic
configurations of geometries that
appeared so odd on foot but seen from here
created giant images of breathtaking beauty --
there were portraits, scenes of action,
love, tears, laughter, and all things in between.

And then, there were HIS footprints, his
straight line.  "I missed the point," he said.

"I missed the point."

-- Nicholas La Salla

"Trails" Courtesy of Vivekchugh

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