An interview with me appeared a few days ago in the Rock River Times.  In it, I talk about "Dralien", the epic fantasy short film I wrote for Gutzee Geko Films that will see release this November.  We also cover the comedy short, "Dennis Mayhew's Magic Mirror" (formerly known as "Yeye Niazu's Magic Mirror", as written in the article) -- and that's what I want to talk about today!

This new short is going to be filmed over two days in Brisbane, Australia starting Tuesday.  I'm beyond excited about this project, as I was involved with it from the genesis of the idea all the way through.  Producer/director/owner of Gutzee Geko Films Linda Curry suggested we make an idea about a magic mirror that does not like liars, and I took that concept and turned it into a comedy that I believe will play really well.

No word on casting yet, but I do know the auditions are finished and the cast and crew are all set to start shooting.

Great news on future projects as well.  "Dralien" just might become a feature length film (there was talk of a web series, but I think a film will be more effective), and a romantic comedy feature is just emerging as a speck on the horizon. 

The Gutzee Geko team -- of which I am proud to call myself a member -- have a lot of great films coming your way very soon, so sit tight.

Much more is on the way . . .

I was interviewed by the Rockford Register Star a couple weeks ago about my involvement with "Dralien" (I wrote the script) and this past Sunday it appeared in print.  The article is great!  My thanks go out to Natalie Conover and Rebecca Rose for setting it up and for Linda Curry, the producer/director of "Dralien", for adding her comments and providing the cast/crew photo.

The only bummer is that the Rockford Register Star's website is made so that if you have viewed five articles, a grey box appears asking you to subscribe, neatly hiding the entire article.  If that happens to you, then check out this link instead.  It's not quite as pretty, but it's functional.

In other news, I turned in a new screenplay I wrote for Gutzee GEKO Films.  It's a 7 minute comedy with a touch of fantasy and I couldn't be happier with it.  More details on this soon!

More news on epic short fantasy film "Dralien" -- due to rainy conditions, the production will wrap on July 11th -- that's just seven days away!  Meanwhile, CGI extraordinaire Lee A. Stripp is hard at work beginning the post-production process on the scenes already in the can.

Once the post-production is finished and the CGI 100% incorporated into the final cut, the next step will be submitting "Dralien" to the Cannes Film Festival and see where we go from there.

But that's not all -- there is strong potential for "Dralien" to expand beyond the confines of a fifteen minute short film.  Perhaps it will become a web series or even a feature film!  Either way, director Linda M. Currie wants me to work on the new scripts, in addition to more features that she will see to after "Dralien" wraps.  I am very happy to continue working with Gutzee Geko Films.

In other news, two new articles of mine will see print in August's Rockford Parent magazine, one of which is very dear to my heart: A "Dad Says" article about taking your kids fishing, even if you're not particularly outdoorsy.  Work continues on the script for "Hawking the Dead" in preparation for a roundtable reading.  Very early writing has commenced on the Case Closed murder mystery series, too.

As if that wasn't enough, big interviews with horror scream queen Jessica Cameron and new Dallas actress Marlene Forte are posted on Forest City Film Review.  Reviews of Ti West's The Innkeepers and Liam Neeson action film Non-Stop are also online now.  Fun animated "Desire" and comedy "Donation" both have reviews on Forest City Short Film Review.

Last weekend, I talked to screenwriter Nancylee Myatt.  She's worked on TV shows like "Night Court" and "South of Nowhere", but what we talked about most was her "Nikki & Nora" web series, which initially was a pilot for broadcast TV ten years ago.  Due to its controversial subject matter (two lesbian protagonists), it was shelved . . . making this the first time in TV history that a major network turned down a series, only for it to re-emerge years later successfully on the Internet.

That interview is coming soon, I promise!

So much to do, and I'm loving every second of it.  Thank you for visiting and keeping up on what I'm up to. 

Have an amazing weekend!

Great news: "Dralien" -- the epic short fantasy screenplay I wrote for Gutzee Geko Films -- is going to be produced, and not only that, it's going in front of the cameras this June!

After a successful fundraising campaign on IndieGoGo, "Dralien" managed to secure $11,110 -- over a thousand dollars more than was required.   Shooting is set to begin this June on Australia's Gold Coast and surrounding areas over seven days.

"Dralien" will come to the big screen courtesy of director Linda Marie Curry's Gutzee Geko Films.   Josleen Hawas will bring the characters to vivid life with her makeup artistry.   CGI and post-production master Lee A. Stripp is hard at work bringing dragons roaring back into the real world.

Here's the plot breakdown:
JOHN BARTON (Anthony Miller) grew up reading the Red Sash fantasy novels written by CLAUDIA BROOKS (Jane Elizabeth Barry), an author who disappeared without a trace before writing her final book.  Now an adult and working as a detective, Barton unwittingly transports himself to her fantasy world and agrees to help her fight DRALIEN (Kaushik Das), an evil sorceror, and his undead minions.
 Spread the word to all your friends and share the official "Dralien" page on Facebook!

I will be posting more information about the shoot very soon!

Forest City Short Film Review has now expanded to become the all-encompassing Forest City Film Review!

The short film review blog ( will continue to be updated regularly with new short film reviews, interviews and other exclusive content, but you'll notice at the top of the page there is a button on the navigation bar that reads "FEATURE FILMS".  You can now click that button and be transported immediately to Forest City Film Review (, where you will find reviews of full length movies, interviews and more. 

Similarly, the Facebook page is now located at  This page will post updates as they appear on both film review sites.

There are two reviews live on Forest City Film Review -- all brand new.  Check out Her and Safe Haven!

Thank you to everyone who made this possible.  It's with your continued support that I do what I do.

Have a wonderful day!

Forest City Short Film Review continues to grow and expand with new content, including a new editorial about hyper-controversial A Serbian Film, exclusive interviews with writer/director Francisco Lorite ("Mediation", starring Freddy Rodriguez and Marley Shelton), actress Karen Bryson (UK's Shameless), Trevor Laird (Doctor Who, Quadrophenia), and writer/director David Kitchen ("Family Reunion").

In addition, the screenplay I wrote for Gutzee Geko Films, "Dralien", is looking for financing If you can spare a few bucks, please do.  It's going to be an epic fantasy story, all packed into fifteen minutes of screen time. Check out the official Facebook page here!

My wife and I have two pieces that will appear in August's Rockford Parent magazine.  We are also planning Case Closed, a new mystery series of short novels.

My new radio commercial for Cartridge World Rockford is airing on 97.5 WZOK.

I have also completed a short screenplay I adapted from my short story, "Hawking the Dead".

WHEW!  That was a lot to report.  For all the inactivity here on this blog, I've been anything but bored.  ;-)

Forest City Short Film Review has continued growing and recorded a remarkable 1,359 views in February and looks set to easily pass the 1,000 view mark in March as well.  A huge thank you to everyone who reads my reviews.  I've also begun writing editorials and conducting interviews with cast, crew and talent (writer/director Ryan Robins, actress and comedian Sarah Adams, and writer/director Matthew P. Rojas, with many more to come!) which has helped broaden the appeal of FCSFR and thereby boost views.  We also have a nice Facebook page to check out as well!

I completed the first draft of a new short story, a dramatic modern gothic ghost story titled (at the moment, anyway) "Family Spirits".  I have also been working hard with film producer Linda Marie Curry, writing a script for her coming soon short film, "Dralien".  More script work is coming soon as well, not to mention more short story news and of course, many more updates for Forest City Short Film Review.

2014 is already turning out to be a very exciting year indeed!

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